New Video: Mille Feux by SQUERL NOIR


Local francophone rapper, slam poet and beatmaker SQUERL NOIR is back with a captivating new video for “Mille Feux” off of his upcoming EP. 

If you love good flow, French hip-hop, skateboarding and flares then you are in luck. The video produced by Antoine Simard-Legault (Lonely Fire Productions) is an adventure as SQUERL NOIR starts surrounded by empties in a messy apartment with snow on the TV as he deals with some deep inner thoughts. The video progresses as the lyrics do, SQUERL NOIR takes to his board as he retakes control of his thoughts and the future, stating that no matter what road we take we will remain the commanders of our own destiny, beautifully timed with him skating by a fork in the road. The video climaxes with the chorus of burning out all night and not caring about tomorrow echoing through the darkness as SQUERL NOIR and pals have a time skateboarding with flares.

Check out the great video from a rising local talent below and come see him launch his debut EP at Cinqhole Wednesday October 23 and don’t care that tomorrow is a work/school day.