Ottawa’s fun power pop four-piece Stoby recently released a very entertaining video for their song “Gibberish.”

As the video begins with a close up on the smallest drum set imaginable, before transitioning to the band performing on massive paper macher instruments, you can’t help but recall their 2018 video for their song “Falsettos.” The parallels confirm that it must have been so much fun the first time they wanted to do something similar. The band members are clearly having an absolute blast rocking out on their over-sized instruments in the shallow waters of whats look like the Ottawa River. 

You can’t help but laugh as members seemingly take turns being the star of the moment, executing exaggerated moves and cliches on these massive instruments. There is a very funny scene which is made up of a multitude of cut scenes where each member is “playing” a different  instrument. While each member of the band has their moments in this video, the facial expressions of drummer Jesse crack me up constantly throughout “Gibberish.” This video, and band, is so refreshing as they certainly don’t take themselves too seriously, but still deliver an excellent product, especially live.

Stoby are back at Cinqhole this week on Saturday as they open for PONY along with Pretty Matty and Sad Baxter—details here. But Saturday is so far away, so why not watch kick back and watch the video for “Gibberish” below while the snow falls outside it will remind you of warmer sunnier days.