Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas recently released a new video for the emotional track “You Don’t Call Me Like You Used To” off of their upcoming sophomore album Two Ninety Three.

For the video, Chris Landry left his Seasick Mommas back by the shore and delivered a solo performance where he plays all the instruments and sings to us as the combination of alcohol and emotions get the better of him. Landry is all alone in an attic (which may or may not be the New Swears’ jam space) belting out the lyrics while stumbling around clearly distraught and beat up over no longer hearing from this special person. The seemingly simple but very well executed video was shot and directed by Sammy J. Lewis of New Swears.

When you listen to “You Don’t Call Me Like You Used To” you can see how it could quickly become an instant folk roots classic in the valley. It has emotion, twang, honesty, sing a long portions, a jam session feel in its closing, it is raw, relatable and most importantly quite catchy.

Chris Landry and the Seasick Mommas officially launch Two Ninety Three on Nov. 29 in Ottawa at Irene’s Pub. Get the details more details here and in the meantime check out the video for “You Don’t Call Me Like You Used To” to get ready for a great night.