While the weather outside is warming up, Ottawa’s Stoby are bringing us all back to cooler times with a snowball fight-themed video for their new song called “The Weather is Unfounded.”

The local four-piece has developed quite the reputation for making creative and fun videos to accompany their catchy songs. “The Weather is Unfounded” is no exception, and just may be their most epic video yet. The video focuses on a snowball fight showdown over a parking space that has been sold after being occupied by the same family for four generations. I’m not totally clear on the reason for the feud or how we got here, but I’m sure glad it did for our sake. The battle features war cries, ambushes, a limb being blown off, snack breaks, guts spilling out, explosions, and more.

While the video for “The Weather is Unfounded” is very entertaining and elaborate, the song also stands on its own as a great alt-rock song. The raspy vocals layered over the solid bassline and fuzz-filled guitar riffs really works for me. Stoby released the track as single with B-sides, which seems to be a lost art in this day and age, check it out here.

Go make yourself some popcorn or grab your favourite snack and jump into the nearly six-and-half-minute long battle royale below.