capital music awards

Here are the 2021 Capital Music Awards finalists

The Capital Music Awards celebrate a small but important 2nd birthday this year. The 2021award finalists were announced this week

april rick

“Our Island” is April Rick’s message of unrelenting strength

A classical tune runs through April Rick’s mind as she completes another 12-hour shift in the emergency room at The

Slack Bridges spreads the sweet sound of soul from Lindenlea to Ledbury

The past year hasn’t been easy for local musicians and artists who make their living through live performances. Since March


Michael Duguay video series brings pandemic observations to light

Photo by Jamie Kronick Last year, Michael Duguay was about to go on his first Canadian tour in over a

night lovell

Mining diamonds in the rough: On the pre-pandemic promoting biz’

Photo: Night Lovell at Algonquin Commons Theatre by Kevin Daly Brandon Bird, the owner of the concert promotion company Diamond


Motherland: The Good Ol’ Days

On Feb. 13, 2020 the lights shined bright throughout the Rainbow Bistro onto every gleaming face waiting to hear from

accursed spawn

Death Metal to the pandemic: shredding the Ottawa scene

Comeback tours are usually reserved for the veterans of the music industry who have gone on hiatus forty years after

vertigo records

The Vinyl Frontier: Vertigo Records Relocates

The tone arm releases, the stylus touches the spinning record, and a sound so raw and authentic teleports the listener

Mia Kelly and Neha Sin: Lost opportunities & hopeful futures

You’d be hard-pressed not to feel charmed after listening to the heartfelt folk-rock sounds of up-and-coming Ottawa artists Mia Kelly


Opportunity from Isolation: Radmore makes the most of time

While many of us live paycheck to paycheck, gig artistry defies the nature of the full-time job and lends to