Photos: Slow Down Molasses, Saint Clare & Her Harbour @ Mugshots

Thursday May 7th was a beautiful night for an outdoor show in the Mugshots courtyard. The wonderful weather and picturesque

Gallery: Dories + The Haig @ Mugshots, Mar. 2


Gallery: No Aloha, Bonnie Doon, & Nightshades @ Mugshots, Feb. 20

It has only been four months since we started presenting monthly shows at Mugshots and the momentum just keeps building.

Gallery: Jon Creeden + Robots!Everywhere!! & Rich Chris @ Mugshots

We hosted a special show on Tuesday, January 20, as honourary Ottawan Jon Creeden rolled into town just ahead of

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Gallery: Other Families + Street Meat + Pith & The Parenchymas @ Mugshots (Nov. 21)

All photos by David Kawai On Friday, November 21, Ottawa Showbox had a big night. We hosted our very first

Photo Evidence of Where The Songwriter Writes by Jamie Kronick @ OAG Annex

On Saturday Aug. 30, the OAG Annex at City Hall opened a photo exhibit by Jamie Kronick, a local musician