Bar Robo

Gallery: Miesha & the Spanks & Expanda Fuzz at Bar Robo

On March 23rd we presented a fun double-bill featuring Calgary’s Miesha & The Spanks. They are on a Canadian tour

Christine Jakel

Christine Jakel reaches for the stars on debut EP ‘Satellite Moons’

Photo by Kamara Morozuk I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again—one of the most rewarding parts of this


HOAN ready to unleash Modern Phase in the capital

When Montreal’s HOAN formed in 2015, there was an intention to deviate from the path of jangle-pop and explore new

Street Eaters, Warp Lines & The C.H.U.D.S. at Bar Robo

Photos by Sara Osmanovic The closer it drew to 8:00pm, the more the feeling of knowing something good will come

New Music: Sleepy and the Noise – Altitudes

There’s some new music coming our way at the end of the month. Ottawa power-pop trio Sleepy and the Noise

Preview: Arboretum Festival 2016

Photo by Rolf Klausener Ottawa is buzzing once again in anticipation of this year’s Arboretum Festival happening August 17–21. Going

Switches and Expanda Fuzz @ Bar Robo

Switches and Expanda Fuzz brought the garage to Bar Robo Thursday night. Local garage rock duo, Expanda Fuzz, opened the

Old Cabin, Clara Engel and Quin Gibson at Bar Robo

My first show ever at Ottawa’s Bar Robo was one filled with great folk artists Old Cabin, Clara Engel and