APĂ„RĂ„, Zymotic, Tightlip, Omerta, Death Exclamations, and The Nailbiters @ The Legion

Ev has synesthesia, and they incorporate their sensory experiences into music reviews. Synesthesia is a condition in which the brain


Mushy Gushy, No Aloha, & Casa Lagarto at Black Squirrel

Last weekend was stacked with good shows. No matter what I chose to do there was an equally solid show

Black Pistol Fire & Thunderpussy at Algonquin Commons Theatre

What’s the best way to cure the Monday blues… well a rock show of course. Black Pistol Fire and Thunderpussy

New Music: Worn Robot 3 by Worn Robot

We finally got around to checking out the latest release by Ottawa’s own Worn Robot, called Worn Robot 3. The

Scattered Clouds, Boyhood & Timber Timbre at the Bronson Centre

On Thursday night, crowds escaped the damp, rainy Ottawa streets and piled into a dimly lit Bronson Centre to witness


Japandroids & Cloud Nothings at Bronson Centre

Japandroids made their triumphant return to Ottawa this past Sunday after nearly a decade away. They brought with them Cloud

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Chandra, Bile Sister, and Doves @ Gabba Hey

In this age of easy knowledge, there are hardly any corners of the cultural map still under shadow. It takes

Moroccan Sun, Grounders and The Zolas’ Dance off at Zaphod’s

Hometown heroes Moroccan Sun gave Zaphod’s a stadium-worthy show as the first opening act for The Zolas this past Friday

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Young Empires & BANNERS @ Ritual

Photos and words by Elizabeth Durnford When going to shows back-to-back, it is important to remember to keep yourself in

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Twist, So Young, & Trails @ Pressed

On Friday evening, three bands performed in front of the pair of welcoming café windows at Pressed for a fittingly full