Titus Andronicus, The So So Glos and Finderskeepers tore up Mavericks May 1st

On May 1st, Titus Andronicus put on one of the best shows I have ever seen in all my years

The Yips, Kings Quest and F Hood at SAW Galley Saturday April 13

With her floral headband on and a ghost sporting shades at the front of the stage, Kerri Carisse lead The

Ottawa Sucks Volume 1: Punk and Hardcore Takeover

Ottawa Sucks Volume 1 kicked off loud and hard Friday night at the Montgomery Legion on Kent. The dimly lit

Mehdi Cayenne Club spiced up Pressed Saturday night

Mehdi Cayenne Club brought their political angst, bleeding heart and mighty fine rock to Pressed Saturday night. The Ottawa group,

Peach Kelli Pop, The Girlfriends and Voicemail rock out at the Fun-Boy Clubhouse

Peach Kelli Pop headlined one of the craziest and most packed Fun-Boy Clubhouse shows ever on Friday night. But what

Teenanger, The Yips and Average Times break out at Mugshots

Mugshots hosted a rager late Friday night as Teenanger, The Yips and Average Times shook the walls of the old jail

Roberta Bondar’s Tape Release at CafĂ© Alt

Roberta Bondar brought their dark noise rock to Café Alt Friday March 22, for their tape release party . Yes

CMW Friday: Who to see

As with all venue-based music festivals, the number of musicians and bands can be somewhat overwhelming. I mean that in

New Year’s Eve Playlist/Interview with Photogmusic LIVE on CHUO FM 89.1FM

I had the chance to join Ming Wu on his CHUO radio show Photogmusic Live (89.1 FM) on New Year’s

‘4in1’ November session @ Antique Skate Shop features The Love Machine, JF Robitaille, and more.

As we slowly move into the colder months, we have decided to keep going with the ‘4in1’ Sessions indoors at