Ottawa Showbox welcomes new writer, Eric Scharf

Eric Scharf, Ottawa, music, showbox
The degree to which Eric Sharf loves music.

In May of last year, I took on Ottawa Showbox as a solo endeavour. I hoped to contribute to the music scene here, in a unique and original way – a goal that I feel like I’m continuing to work on and strive for. In that time I’ve met so many incredible people – photographers, videographers, editors, writers, graphic artists, visual artists, and, of course, musicians of all sorts (just to name a few).

Another goal that I’ve had throughout this timeframe is the desire to expand Ottawa Showbox to cover more, offer more perspectives, and ultimately give more people a better understanding of what is really happening here in our city. I can say that I’ve definitely made some great strides in the last while, but I still felt like it was just one guy’s view (guy = me) on things happening around him. There needed to be something more.

I welcome fellow writer and music-head Eric Scharf to Ottawa Showbox. His interest in writing for the blog came at a perfect time, as a new year has dawned on us and a whole lot of exciting things are happening here in Ottawa. As a Journalism graduate from Algonquin, Eric brings a lot of knowledge to the table with respect to his writing style and getting his ideas on paper. But even more, his experience going to shows and expressing his passion for live music is what really gave me a good feeling about him and I becoming a team. His coverage of live events such as Flatliners, Flaming Lips, Bluesfest, as well as some live coverage for The Algonquin Times, made it clear to me that him and I probably have pretty similar ideas about the local scene and what our role in it could be. Plus, he saw Radiohead tour The Bends, which I think is pretty fucking cool. So onward we go, we’re both really stoked about what 2013 has in store for the Ottawa music scene!

Please enjoy his first first post about Ben Caplan, who he was able to sit down with recently at Mavericks February 10.


– Matías