Peach Kelli Pop and New Swears @ Pressed

Even as an opener, New Swears always stir the crowd into a frenzy!
A patron crowd surfing during New Swears. Even as an opener, New Swears always stir the crowd into a frenzy!
Pressed was packed to the brim Tuesday night, Oct. 15th, for Peach Kelli Pop and New Swears.


With very eerie art on the wall, just in time for Halloween and toilet paper everywhere (explained below) Peach Kelli Pop had us dancing and “ooh-lala-ing” along. Their super fun all girl poppy, punky garage rock style makes it quite hard to stand still. The headlining four piece were all sporting Scouts Canada jackets, badges and all. Peach Kelli Pop play very catchy tunes, none more catchy than ”Girls of Summer” and their closer ”Do the Eggroll.” They also debuted a new song, never played before, which I found quite good.  But, the highlight of the set by far, was when they shocked me completely and played the theme song to Sailor Moon. (The link is the band playing it on Oct. 5th.)


As the show started I removed my ball cap while the national anthem began out of nowhere. Then emerging from the washroom was the boys from New Swears carrying a big Canadian flag and singing the anthem. Once on stage they used the flag to catapult candy to the crowd and kick off the show. It took three songs, but the crowd could not resist the wonderful energy of ”See You in Hull,” and the moshing began. Not long after there was crowd surfing, beer spilling and toilet paper roll streaming everywhere.  The quick set had many of my favourites, ”Two Darts,” ”Cerzeca” and ”Paradise.” Short and sweet, heck the crowd’s energy was so awesome, half the band left the stage to join them. No matter the length of the set, a New Swears show always leaves a lasting impression.