StillNative launch Indiegogo campaign and plan Black Keys tribute set to fund second LP, release live DVD


One of Ottawa’s foremost bluesy rock n’ roll groups, StillNative (CastleRock Recs), are doing things a little differently for their second full-length album. Like more and more artists seem to be doing, they’re taking the DIY approach and launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to fund it. Taking things into their own hands, StillNative seem to be doing everything right in order to build anticipation for the new record. Some perks available to fans willing to support their Indiegogo campaign are:

  • $15 – A digital pre-release of the new album
  • $25 – A signed physical album
  • $30 – Signed physical album + digital copy
  • $40 – An exclusive Patrick Steele EP
  • $40 – A music lesson
  • $40 – A B-sides and rarities DVD
  • $100 – The whole package
  • $200 – Prestige Package
  • $250 – Studio Day
  • $350 – House Show

For more details on the perks, go to StillNative’s campaign page. All dollar amounts are CAD.

This duo hardly sounds like a duo at all, taking a page from The Black Keys’s book on creating a full-out grimy rock n’ roll sound with only two members. Guitarist/vocalist Patrick Steele and drummer Max Savage bring textured, groovy instrumentals to the fore, and maintain a style that is unique in Ottawa’s scene. Along with supporting such acts as Juno winners Digging Roots, ECMA winner Carmen Townsend, Canadian blues artist Ross Neilsen, Ottawa’s own JW-Jones, the band has also showcased at the RBC Bluesfest 13’, Fringe Festival 13’, E.L.E. Festival 13’, Ottawa Fashion Week and at the Festival de l’Outaouais Émergent supporting We Are Wolves.

StillNative have also released a 42-minute live DVD of their show at Mercury Lounge, released this past November. They sold out of its original run of copies, but more are on the way. It’s really great to see bands putting together live material like this for us to see, especially filmed so well at a venue like Mercury Lounge. We’ll be exclusively streaming the full live DVD for your viewing pleasure for a limited time in the near future. But we strongly recommend supporting the band by purchasing the physical DVD here. Patrick told me some more info about the live DVD:

We started out playing as a duo often getting comparisons to the Black Keys…and granted our sound has similarities but we are moving forward in a direction that is all together jazzier. But that being said, Max and I have a huge appreciation for the Ohio duo and their marketing strategies. Their SXSW dvd sold out world wide and was the first real glimpse for people to see the massive amounts of energy harboured in their live sound. We feel that this DVD was a stab at trying to get something of the sorts committed to “tape”. Pascal from PonyGirl/LogCreativeBureau set it up and we had Stefan Shymanski as a second camera. Daniel Snelson spent a couple weeks at our place working on the GLS (groovy light show) display which we rehearsed to get the colours right. I was sick as a dog at the time and you can hear me sniffle through some tunes, but overall the night was killer, amazing turnout, fantastic venue.

David Pratt the recording engineer who helped us record our album at home was onsite doing audio with Miss Polygamy’s Arturo (they opened the evening). It just boiled down to wanting some real live content. We’ve been sitting on the footage/audio since the release and decided that now was a good time, its not quite a 1 year anniversary of the release but certainly feels like it for us. This will coincide with the release of some NEW live music recordings available exclusively with the DVD purchase. The next step in following the Black Keys business model is going to be a city wide search for rappers to collaborate on an EP. 

Don’t forget to check them out at Rainbow Bistro April 18 as they cover a full set of Black Keys songs to help fund their new LP. If you’ve never seen the Black Keys, this is pretty damn close to the real deal. More info below:

Rishi Von Rex – 10PM
Black Keys Tribute – 11:30PM
StillNative (Trio) – 12:45PM
Admission $12
Early Bird Tickets – $8