Radioactivity, Bad Sports and Steve Adamyk Band @ Gabba Hey!


The secret band of Ottawa Explosion Weekend, Radioactivity, returned to headline a wicked night at Ottawa’s “secret” venue Gabba Hey!

Radioactivity played a rocking set full of songs from their awesome self-titled album released late last year. People were enthralled by the punk rock trio from Texas. It was great to see them in full as I ran out of gas at Ottawa Explosion Weekend and only caught a couple of their songs. Shows at Gabba Hey! are usually all ages, as was the case with this show.  Some people complain about all-ages shows but I love them.  You get to see the next generation of Ottawa music fans in action, including our Junior Correspondent Sacha dancing up a storm for every song by every band.

Another band from Texas, Bad Sports, set the stage for Radioactivity. They showed up to take care of business, never introduced a song, they just rocked out, kicked ass, said thank you and walked off. It had been three years since Bad Sports played Ottawa Explosion Weekend, maybe that explained their sense of urgency. It was a great set of old school punk rock sound with pop punk influences in the modern world. The lead singers voice made him destined to play this music, and I am glad he is.

Opening the night was Ottawa’s punk rockers Steve Adamyk Band. Normally a four-piece, they performed as a trio with Davey switching to bass, and showed absolutely no ill affects.  Having just played Ottawa Explosion Weekend a few weeks ago, they decided to play a bunch of new songs off their upcoming album Dial Tone.  High energy, upbeat punk rock and new music… yes, please. They did not just play new stuff though, they covered The Rats’ “Nightmare” and closed with short and sweet explosion “Katacombs.” They thanked the other bands with flattery, “We love you guys, love your sounds and ripped you guys off . Thank you.”

Once again Gabba Hey! delivered an excellent night and just when you didn’t think the venue could get any better, they have restocked the store. It is open during shows and carries so much incredible music, a tonne of which is on vinyl at very fair prices. Support local and rock on!