In our Thirsty Thursdays series, Daniel Bordage takes us into the world of pairing food and drinks with music. Beer and music have always gone well together, as each offers us a sensory experience that can make a lasting impression. In particular, craft beers normally contain more flavour and richness than typical run-of-the-mill beverages. Daniel will provide us with some insight into his craft beer experiences while listening to a playlist, usually themed, and conducting a tasting and listening session. So join us in learning a bit more about some delicious craft brews and get to know some music you may have never had the chance to hear yet. 

By Daniel Bordage

Beer: Mons Abbey Dubbel
Style: Abbey Dubbel
ABV: 8%
Pairing: A Dubbel (AKA Double) and bands with only two members.
About the Beer: This beer is made in Amos, Quebec, and can be found easily across the Ottawa River. I bought mine at Marche Omni . It won the gold medal in the America’s Belgian Style category at the World Beer Awards (2013) and is rated a respectable 88 on Rate Beer and an 86 on Beer Advocate.

The Music:  Click here for the Youtube Playlist

The Inbreds – Any Sense of Time
The Inbreds was the first band I heard that only had two members. At the time, it blew my mind that you could get such a full sound out of just 2 people. To this day, it’s still one of my favorites and deserves to be the first song on this playlist. Sit back, sip slowly, and lose your sense of time.

Local H – Blur
After a few sips, the beer becomes way too smooth and easy drinking. I needed to balance it with Local H.

Blood Red Shoes – I Wish I Was Someone Better
Like Blood Red Shoes shout out in this rapid fire song “I made a mistake” by trying to slow down.  So good…

Death From Above 1979 – You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine
A 2 band member playlist wouldn’t be complete without DFA 1979. Their intensity pairs well with the aromas of raisins and grapes.

No Age – Fever Dreaming
All the notes are coming out at this point. Cherry, apple, cinnamon, toasted malts. Enjoy it with the few notes used by No Age’s 3 chord wonder.

Would my grandmother like this beer I asked myself after seeing SORRY OK YES’ hilarious video? Nope… but I do.

DZ Deathrays – Northern Lights
I feel Mons Abbey Dubbel might have gotten recognized in awards in other countries but I haven’t heard a lot about the accolades before now. Almost like DZ Deathrays, who are a very solid duo that should get more recognition.

PS I Love You – Friends Forever
Yes Mons… We are friends forever. And PS I love you… well…like… I like you… a lot.

The Kills – No Wow
No Wow? I would say YES, WOW! As the beer warms, the complex flavors couple well with the simplicity of this song to help us wind down.

WOODHANDS – I Can’t See Straight
Enough said…

Honorable mentions
The White Stripes-Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
Royal Blood – Come On Over [Live in Session]
Crystal Castles – Empathy
the bird and the bee – Again & Again

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