New Music: Sailor Jupiter – s/t

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One of Ottawa’s best new bands, Sailor Jupiter, has finally recorded some highly-anticipated music for us.

The band’s self-titled debut is six songs of garage and noise rock gold, and effectively demonstrates why Ottawa’s garage scene continues to be one of North America’s hidden gems. The album opens fast and hard with riot-girl fuel “Beat It Son,” followed by the loud, raucous, and quick “Can’t Surf.” I  can honestly say that before listening to “Can’t Surf,” I had no idea there was so much anger about not being able to surf in Ottawa. With the first two songs done in less than 2 minutes, Sailor Jupiter slows it down and finds their garage groove. Songs like “Dead to Me” and “Jesus Freaks” pull back on the speed but maintain the intensity that we experience throughout the record. The overdriven fuzzy riffs and pounding bass lines take us down into the depths of what Sailor Jupiter are all about – in your face and unrestrained.

Sailor Jupiter are part of a new generation of the garage and noise rock bands coming out of Ottawa. The path was paved before them by other local veterans like Bondar, Bonnie Doon and Boyhood, and none of these bands are showing signs of slowing down. The album was recorded by  Matt Ferrier and mastered by Cameron Steacy of Organ Eyes. Check out Sailor Jupiter’s self-titled debut below for youself and don’t miss them when they play in town.