New Video: Pony Girl – Candy


Ottawa’s own atmospheric experimentalists Pony Girl (Pop Drone) have revealed their latest work, a new video for the track “Candy,” from their much-anticipated 2015 LP, Foreign Life. For those that are familiar with Pony Girl’s videos, it is well-known that they are champions of the strange, achieving their desired aesthetic through bizarre imagery and interesting visual techniques (see: “Golden Children“).

While the video “Candy” does not contain any visual orifices for us too peer from, it does contain a cheese pizza topped with onions that could very well be spinning for eternity. The lo-fi lyric text takes us through the song, mesmerizing us as the subtle guitar twangs balance out Pascal and Yolande’s delicate vocal harmonies. There is an instant sexiness to the song, and for some extreme pizza lovers as well. The sprinkling of electronic elements and reverb in the song contrast perfectly with the soft and restrained vocals and instrumentals.

Don’t miss Pony girl play at the legendary Black Sheep Inn on June 5 with Pandaléon, or at Ottawa Bluesfest on July 11 at 7:30 PM.

Can I stay forever? 

Everyday I’ll never leave this place