New Music: I’m Not Here, I’m Not Real by Elementals


Ottawa’s Elementals just released a doozie of a first album with I’m Not Here, I’m Not Real.

The new album has heavy grunge influences throughout the album that can teleport you back to 90s plaid-filled dimly lit clubs. Songs like “Debase” and “Messiah Complex” feature that great softer/louder/softer formula and it works very well. From soft signing to guttural yelling fading back into soft almost talking style lyrics. Something special went on during the 90s and these guys want everyone to relive a slice of it and never forget.

I’m Not Here, I’m Not Real is solid all the way through and I love the gusto of Elementals to kick things off with an instrumental. The grunge elements may be very present, but this is not a solely grunge album. There are great elements of more pop-rock and upbeat sounds that could find their way onto the radio with ease, such as “People of the Night.”

The album is available for free now on their website and on a limited run of cassette. Grab yourself a copy and check out Elemental at their album release party with Tindervox, The Haig and Cosmo Doris at September 11 at House of Targ.