Local folk duo The Noisy Locomotive release their new album, All Nature Soon Will Settle Down To Rest, this week on October 22.

Their first as a duo, the album was recorded in one straight live off the floor session to quarter-inch tape at The Monolith in Kitchener, ON with their good friends in the Ever-Lovin’ Jug Band. The 12-track album is split between originals and unique takes on old tunes. Ben Nesrallah, one half of The Noisy Locomotive, says “This combination of songs is highly representative of who we are as artists, and integral to the continuation of the folk tradition.”

We asked Nesrallah a few questions to get some insight into how All Nature Soon Will Settle Down To Rest came to be.


What is new about this album compared to past releases?

What you will hear on the album is as authentic of a live sound as we feel we could capture. The majority of the album is comprised of our first takes. No compression, no normalization, and no additional treatment on the tracks—just pure analog warmth. As a result, all of the subtleties of our live performance – the vocal and instrumental blend, and dynamic exchange – still ring true when you listen to the album. It’s as if you’re right there in the room with us.

How long has this new album been in the works?

We recorded the album on September 6th, and made the first batch of copies a little over a month later. We think of our albums as a documentation of a brief and present moment in time, representative of where the two of us are as musicians, and in our personal lives. Because this is ever-changing, we feel it’s important to not allow the process too much time. Also, we’ve still maintained our DIY approach to the creation of the physical albums. Every copy is unique, with hand-stamped artwork, and we hope those who buy the album can feel how much love was put into it.

What are your thoughts on the album now that it is complete and about to be shared with the world?

We’re really proud of this album, more so than anything we’ve released to date. The honest, genuine nature of the recording is something we hope will resonate with those who listen to it.

As we mentioned before though, the whole process is fleeting and something we don’t try to hold on to for long. We’re constantly writing and bringing in the old songs that we love—the ones that happen to be  resonating with us at that particular time. We’re currently looking ahead to the next album, hoping to record in the coming months.

In one sentence or two, what should people expect from a Noisy Locomotive live show?

The essence of what we believe a folk show should be—truthful, pure and humble. We let our voices and instruments do the talking, and hopefully that’s something that communicates to our audience.


Head to Live on Elgin October 22nd for a double-album release party. Not only will Noisy Locomotive drop their new release, Lotus Wight (of Sheesham & Lotus) will be releasing his new album “Ode to the Banjo”.