New Music: The Tenenbaums – We’ll Always Have Millhouse


Our fellow Pouzza Fest-goers The Tenenbaums have released their new record We’ll Always Have Millhouse. These gritty, fun-loving punk rockers teased us by releasing a couple tracks “Phase” and “Break” on Bandcamp in August, but have made good on their promise to deliver all six tracks that are sure to give you a quick dose of adrenaline clocking in at just over twenty minutes.

These long-time friends from Eastern Ontario have a few releases under their belt now and are really showing that they have found their sound, particularly on Millhouse. The album is a bit of a departure from 2014’s Fish – they’ve slowed things down a bit without losing any of the actual energy which makes their music so enthralling. Songs like “Friends”, “Yard Sale(s)”, and “Break” begin with a reverb-laden clean guitar intro, which eventually break out into the chaos we know and love. Lead singer Sheehan Jordan’s gravelly vocals fit just right, and are a little more intelligible to the listener than on Fish. This is a all-out fun record with moments of restraint balanced with just a little bit of chaos. Have a listen to a full stream of We’ll Always Have Millhouse below

Be sure to check The Tenenbaums out tonight at The Dom as they play a CKCU Fundraising concert and live broadcast. $10/9pm/19+.

Below is a trailer for our upcoming Pouzza Fest 2015 documentary that features The Tenenbaums along with other Ottawa acts that played the festival this year. We’ll be premiering the full documentary on November 19 at House of Targ before the Jon Creeden & The Flying Hellfish show.

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