New Video: Auto Racing – My Justice Waits


One thing that always astonishes me is how much noise some two-piece bands can make. In this case, Ottawa’s drum and bass duo Auto Racing have packed in just about as much chaos as two people can make in just over three minutes. The track is the second single off their self-titled EP, called “My Justice Waits”. Seriously. How can anyone slap a bass that fast???

On the first listen, the song reminded me of something that Primus would come up with back in the day. You know, a little bit crazy, a little bit genius, and a lot of “what am I listening to!?”. Directed by Carmello Zucco, the video features local drummer Tony Caballero as a mysterious and intimidating intruder. Drummer Aaron Clark explains:

We figured he’d be the perfect character to represent the need for vengeance everyone feels sometimes. The theme is basically that there are instances in life where one is overcome with a desire to state their case and have it heard. We didn’t want to be completely blatant about the subject matter, though it seems pretty clear to me what the underlying theme is.

Carm is such a great director he just came up with the scenario for the shoot in a week or so, and we had an approach to take. Cosmo wrote the song with the idea of expressing this desire for vengeance, and essentially between himself and Carm, the scenario you see in the video was outlined.

Check out their full EP below.