Can-Con VIDS4KIDS Canada Day Benefit Concert at TARG


Not sure what to do Canada Day? Want to listen to some Canadian rock while helping sick kids get a sweet arcade machine? Well you’re luck.

On Fri July 1st at 9pm, House of TARG, is presenting a CAN-CON VIDS4KIDS Canada Day Benefit Concert. All proceeds from the pay-what-you-can event will be used to donate a 60-in-1 classic arcade machine to put on site at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

“We see the joy inducing positive effect these old school games have on folks who come to TARG, we see it all the time, so we figure that the sick kids at CHEO & their families could use some distraction, smiles & high-score challenges to help them stay positive and get through tough times,” said Paul “Yogi” Granger, c0-founder of the House of TARG.

The musical entertainment will be provided by a dozen local bands paying homage to some of Canada’s most amazing punk, metal & rock hits such as: Stompin’ Tom, Skinny Puppy, Gob, Neil Young, Alanis Morissette, Rush, Tpoh, Helix, Lee Aaron, Sloan, Gowan, Northern Pikes and more.

Need more than music and a good cause to get you to this party on Canada Day? How about trying to break a world record for devouring 3 pickled eggs in the quickest time possible. The current record is 22 seconds, but I have a feeling that record will fall during the pickled egg eating contest that day.

I know there will be many options on Canada Day, but very few will have the balance of a great time for a great cause.

For more information please visit the event link here.