New Video: New Swears – Dance With The Devil


Busted limbs, broken noses, and a little bit of blood on the face is nothing out of the ordinary for Ottawa’s party punk rockers New Swears. They’ve just released a video for the track “Dance With The Devil” off of their new record And The Magic of Horses, and they crank up the gore factor to 11. That’s why we love them, along with the fact that their music will incite a party anytime, anywhere it is played.  And The Magic of Horses is the band’s third full-length album, and their first with Dine Alone Records to be released June 23rd. The 10-track album is sure to be chock-full of summer party anthems with dirty melodies that beg to be blared in backyards across the country, which should go perfectly with the smell of barbecue smoke and pissed off neighbours.

The video’s timely release today also coincides with the Ottawa Senators’ first game of the NHL Conference Semi-Finals, a game which will surely have the streets packed with booze-filled hockey lovers. While we all hope the Sens avoid the kind of injuries that the band sustains in the video, we certainly wish them the best. Get amped up for the game and watch “Dance With The Devil” below, just make sure the kids are out of the room.

Don’t miss the New Swears Weekend happening at House of TARG June 23/24, they’re going full force with two record release shows back-to-back. Tickets available here.