Album Premiere: Shadowhand – Through the Fog


We’ve been chomping at the bits to share Shadowhand‘s debut LP Through the Fog with the world, and that day is finally here. The Ottawa band is releasing the album through Record Centre Records, and it will be available in vinyl format and online. We’re also very excited to present the album release party this Saturday, March 10th, at St. Alban’s Church along with The Heavy Medicine Band and Merganzer.

Through the Fog is a nine-track effort, rolling through the peaceful lulls and buoyant peaks throughout. It is, more than anything, a warm album, and full of rich and robust tones. The allure of Brandon Allan Walsh’s bass lines is undeniable, as they sink deep into the listener and carry the songs from start to finish. Jamieson Mackay and Matthew Corbiere have a chemistry on guitar that elevates their clean, reverb-laden tones. Sean Tansey’s subtle and rolling drums stay in the background for much of the album, but occasionally the barrage of percussion crashes forth like waves breaking against a shore.

Their dreamy and unhurried approach gently takes us for a journey through the unknown. Even in the eight-and-a-half minute long “Light of Afternoon” the band begins at a languid pace and builds up the energy that climaxes around the 5 minute and 30 second mark, and then pulls back with an ambient and daydream-like conclusion. Jamieson’s soft, raspy voice melds seamlessly with the instrumentals, and fans of Destroyer and The War on Drugs will undoubtedly fall into his vocal style with ease.

Shadowhand recorded Through The Fog at a home near Ladysmith, Quebec in two sessions in fall 2016 and winter 2017. It was largely recorded live off-the-floor, and engineered by artist and producer Arturo Portocarrero, with some sporadic overdub sessions in Ottawa. Mixing was done by band member Brandon Allan Walsh and mastered by Philip Shaw Bova, with beautiful album art done by Haley Wolk.

Listen to the album below, and be sure to come out to see them at the album release party at St. Alban’s Church this Saturday, March 1oth. Doors at 7:30 pm. Physical tickets available at Compact Music, The Record Centre, and Irene’s Pub, and online tickets can be purchased here.