Calgary punk rockers River Jacks are at it again. The road-ready group have packed tightly into their 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan and are on another cross-country rip, bringing their nostalgic sound to Pressed tonight. And dammit, they’re going to have a good time if it kills them.

We caught up with band member Tyler Burton to hear his rapid fire thoughts on various issues, some of which actually have something to do with music. Have a read below.

Don’t miss River Jacks tonight at Pressed with local songwriters Cory Levesque, Ommie Jane, and Adam Ferris. Admission $10/PWYC, doors at 8 pm.

Rapid Fire Interview with Tyler Burton of River Jacks

Is there something your bandmates do that annoys you most on the road?

Deciding pizza toppings 

What’s the worst thing that’s happened to you on tour?

Half way through our last tour I left a bag of dirty underwear and socks at our friend Laurie’s place on Pender Island and the same day I realized I had left my underwear behind I rolled my ankle on stage in Victoria. 

Go-to van snack?

BBQ Corn Nuts 

Favourite Seinfeld character?

Frank and Estelle Costanza 
Also Putty 

Do you have another career outside of music? Any skills people might not know about?

I’m an Electrician back in Calgary and I am constantly trying to better my skills in the trade.

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Only a sith deals in absolutes… Both 

Would you rather lose your hand the way Luke Skywalker or lose an eye like Kurt Russell in Escape From New York?

Neither is preferable although the likelihood of an escape from New York-type senario is more probable than finding out my father is a space nazi. 

Musician you look up to the most?

Joe Vickers
Greg Rekus 

Band you think is overrated?

Tragically Hip 

2%, 1%, or skim milk?

Almond Milk/ Oat milk 

Worst tattoo you’ve ever seen?

My partner’s mother was dating a guy that had a tattoo of himself punching the grim reaper in the chest and on the back of the tattooed version of himself was the same tattoo. 

Favourite pizza toppings?

See question 2 

Best boy band, if you had to choose one?

When I was 4 years old I was completely obsessed with Backstreet Boys 

MuchMusic or MTV?

Much Music 

If you could choose to play with any band that is still active today, what would your dream gig be?

Iron Chic  
Against Me! 
Jon Creedence Clearwater Revival