Ottawa’s frenetic and animated punk band Bonnie Doon recently released a fun video for their song “Panty Twister” off of their 2017 album Dooner Nooner.

The video centers around the band riding on a nice big sail boat and features all sorts of typical and not so typical nautical themed elements. From tanning up top to huddling down below during rough waves, to playing guitar while floating on an inflatable pizza slice, and devouring shrimp while wearing a shark outfit—the band did not hold back. This 2:30 minute long video packs a maritime punch.

“We wanted to make a music video that showcased the opulence of being on a boat like in 90s rap videos we love and well… anything to do with sailing culture, ” said Bonnie Doon bassist and editor/producer/co-director of the video Les666.

Also joining in on the fun was Emily Pelstring (music videos for: U.S. Girls, Yamantaka // Sonic Titan) who was the cinematographer and co-director of the video.

The addition of saxophone by Aymara Alvarado Sanchez really helps elevate the song to another level of rock. That boisterous sax combined with the slower vocals at times reminded me a little of Downtown Boys, but the song is still very much all Bonnie Doon in all their glory. Fans of the band will certainly find themselves dancing a long as usual.

“The song is about getting your bathing suit all twisted from riding waterslides and this is our interpretation—see in it what you like! Some people say it is all a metaphor for cunnilingus,” added Les666.

Watch the video for “Panty Twister” below and draw your own conclusions. Just don’t forget your life preserver.