We’re excited about our new series called New Spins, which we will be posting at the beginning of each month. The post will include last month’s featured local releases on our Ottawa Spins Spotify playlist, as well as a Track of the Month.

Support Ottawa artists by following their profiles on Spotify and boosting their stream numbers, as well as going to their upcoming shows and buying their music in digital/physical formats.

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Track of the Month:
“On My Mind” by Mark ii

This month’s featured track is “On My Mind” by locals Mark ii. The group is doing things in town that few others are doing. They’re building a scene around their music, characterized by late night parties that run well into the early morning hours. Lead songwriter Mark Howells cut his teeth in previous bands such as Potential Red, but is now exploring depths of new wave, electronic, and synth sounds mixed with more traditional instruments such as guitar and drums.

Don’t miss Mark ii headline with their explosive live set at the newly-renovated Club SAW this Friday, August 9 for the SUBVERSE UK Underground Dance Party. Mark ii will also be DJing a late-night house set late into the night. Find tickets and more info here.

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