New Spins: August 2019

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Check out the latest edition of New Spins, a new playlist series tracking new music out of Ottawa which we will be posting at the beginning of each month. The post will include last month’s featured local releases on our Ottawa Spins Spotify playlist, as well as a Track of the Month.

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Track of the Month: Merganzer “Montage”

This month’s pick is by local songstress Mika Posen, better known by her experimental pop project Merganzer. Each song that Merganzer releases unlocks a new door to the imagination, and “Montage” is no exception. Posen is an experienced multi-instrumentalist who has accompanied acts like Timber Timbre, Agnes Obel, and Forest City Lovers in the past.
 Merganzer’s instrumental record by the same name is slated for release on October 18th through So Sorry Records and Record Centre Records. The release show in Ottawa on October 25th at Club SAW with support by Paper Beat Scissors. The record will be released on limited edition 12′ vinyl.