Lights, Dear Rouge, & DCF at Algonquin Commons Theatre


I love showing up to the Algonquin Commons Theatre just before doors open. The lines of people eagerly awaiting the show make it clear just how full the theatre will be. Wednesday night was no different, as crowds of people lined up for the highly anticipated Lights show. Recent attention has only increased the artists already large following as she was showcased heavily during last month’s Juno Awards in Vancouver, as her album Skin and Earth won Pop Music Album of the Year.

Opening the night, from Toronto, DCF brought his hip hop sound and beats, along with a colorful wardrobe. The crowd ate up his energetic set as he played to them reaching out across the photo pit.

Recently interviewed by Ottawa Showbox, Dear Rouge was up next. Let me just say. JACKET ENVY. Unreal fashion choice in the form of a metallic gold crop bomber jacket added extra funk to an already crazy set. Grabbing the mic stand and leaning into the crowd, jumping, hair flips, the whole shebang. The crowd loved this set, and it really warmed them up for the headliner. If you get the chance to see Dear Rouge yourself, I highly recommend it.

Lights closed out the night with extreme energy. The crowd was on fire (like her hair) and added stage elements like a giant light board behind her added extra theatrics to the set. Choosing her lights thoughtfully for everyone in the room we were assured that the set, though occasionally hard to shoot, looked great for those in the audience. Her songs are catchy, and fun and her stage presence reflects that. Her overall artistic abilities shone through from start to finish, with passes adorn with her featured graphics (Did you know Lights is a graphic novel artist?!).

Overall this show was on fire from start to finish. Awesome openers made way for a wicked set by Lights. The crowd was feeling it the whole way through, which just increased the energy of the room.


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