‘4in1’ September Session – Photo Gallery

Amos the Transparent at 4in1 September Session

Although the weather wasn’t great, yesterday’s ‘4in1’ Session was a great success. We heard some incredible performances from some great Ottawa/Montreal artists, and each one contributed to making this day one to remember. We were so pleased that Erik Lind & the Orchard stayed in Ottawa to play on a rainy Sunday afternoon – and we hope to see them back soon. Chrissy Lovingwood, Blue Blue Satellite and Cold Capital all elucidated the diverse talent that Ottawa has to offer, bringing original musicianship and creativity to a new audience (which is what 4in1 is all about).

Leading up to their new self-titled EP release next weekend, Little Stella impressed everyone with some of their new songs. Their melodic precision brightened what was a gloomy, wet day and gave us a good sample of how good their new EP should be. Keep an ear out for these guys, they will do big things and have a really bright future in music.

Amos the Transparent is always a welcome addition to any music event happening in Ottawa. They embody the character and talent that is music in Ottawa, and they relish the opportunity to play their songs acoustically. Blending strings, harmonies, lyrical depth and ridiculously catchy hooks, this is a band I’ve personally grown to love for everything they offer their listeners.

Above are some of my pictures of the event – again, I’m no photographer and I won’t pretend to be one! Think of it as documented observations.