WAREHOUSE PARTY w/ Silkken Laumann & Cabaal at Gabba Hey!


Gabba Hey! was so full last Saturday night that I couldn’t see through to the back. The lack of visibility inspired me and the friends I was with to spend the duration of Cabaal’s opening set debating whether or not Cabaal were on yet (I was convinced the DJ was just playing a really long song). I wasn’t able to fully appreciate Cabaal as I had no idea they were performing, but I think they sounded pretty good.

As Silkken Laumann set up, it became apparent that lead singer (and Arboretum Festival co-founder) Rolf Klausener’s vision had come true: the venue was filled to maximum capacity with guests, many of whom were making out with each other. The night was full of surprises: first and foremost, I was taken aback when songs I liked on record revealed themselves to be bangers live. For example, I already knew “House of Common Problems” is great, but didn’t truly appreciate “Giving You Up” until I saw it being performed for a packed house. But that wasn’t the only unexpected moment: I also got to witness Klausener’s bracingly impressive dance moves, run my fingers through bassist Gary Franks’ hair as he took to the crowd for a solo, and kiss a girl on the dance floor who I hadn’t seen in over two years.

Silkken Laumann, Gabba Hey, Ottawa,
Silkken Laumann playing at Gabba Hey! (Photo:
Matías Muñoz)


When my friend Gogo later asked me how many “spicy beans” out of ten I would give Silkken Laumann’s performance, I said I would have to give it a nine, which is a very high ranking for me. He agreed with the assessment. If my count was correct, Silkken only played seven songs, but every single one was a killer. Unlike last week’s Peach Kelli Pop show, which was marred by a series of regrettable decisions on my part, every piece of my concert-going experience fit together in a near-perfect way. In my review from last week, I joked that listening to PKP will solve your problems. With Silkken Laumann, that was actually true to a certain degree – after seeing them live, I feel slightly better about the state of my life than I did before.  Take my word for it – Silkken Laumann are worth staying up late for.

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