Interview: Sarah Cogan of Thrifty Kids


By Andrew Lacelle // Featured photo by Paul Dzioba (Fritz E Fotografie)

“Dance gave me tempo, art gave me creativity, and musicals gave me rhythm.”

I’m never sure what sparks my interest in bands. Ottawa is full of them, and honestly, I’m never sure if there is ever enough. Back in June, I was introduced to a singer/songwriter Sarah Cogan. Through a mutual friend’s recommendation, I invited Sarah out to open up the show.

After her set, and my enthusiastic applause, I spoke with Sarah and asked what she had planned for her music. She explained she was working on forming a full band outfit. This made me even more excited! Just a few months after Thrifty Kids were released upon Ottawa. Their first single “Cherry Wine” was a huge hit amongst their fans and people around town.

Interview with Sarah Cogan of Thrifty Kids

In a short web interview, I asked Sarah about some of the inner workings of Thrifty Kids.


So who are in Thrifty Kids?

S.C – Thrifty Kids. consists of Dylan Frankland (Lead Guitar), Cam Alford (Bass), Jordan Gauthier (Drums), and myself (Vocals/ Guitar).


Do  all the other band members contribute or are you the primary songwriter?

S.C – Our songs thus far have been predominantly written by myself. But as we progress as a band, our songs will be written together. Who knows what’s in store? Can’t wait to find out.


What sparked your passion for music?

S.C – My passion for music comes from being exposed to so much art as a child. My parents had me cascaded in all the arts growing up. I found myself indulging into musicals, films, dance, guitar, and more. They allotted me the opportunity to do it all. And I’ll be forever indebted to them of doing so, because it brought me to where/who I am today. Dance gave me tempo, art gave me creativity, and musicals gave me rhythm. All combined, is the concoction of Sarah.


Did you find it hard as a solo artist to move your music into a full band?

S.C – The transition of solo to full band was anything but difficult. It was exciting. Coming together with other musicians and creating is one of the most fulfilling experiences out there. My fellow band-mates contributions to my songs have made them complete.


When you write your music do you have certain “format” or does it just flow from the heart?

S.C – To oversimplify my songwriting format, it would be best described as melody-driven. The core of my songwriting is the melodies, soon after lyrics begin to “flow” from there.


How would you describe Thrifty Kids music?

S.C – I would describe Thrifty Kids as melody-influenced, indie-surf rock. (Yeah, we’re a bit all over the place.) We like to think it keeps things interesting.


Acoustic versus Electric? I’ve seen you play both. Which do you prefer?

S.C – It ideally depends on the setting/ atmosphere. When it comes to writing, most likely takes place on the acoustic. When it comes to full band, the electric always wins. Not only does it look cool, it just brings the ultimate full band sound.


Thrifty Kids – awesome name, what are its origins?

S.C – As much as I’d like to spill a whole back-story about how our name came to be, it was a tagline on a photograph that was taken of us, in the midst of thrift shopping. Rummaging through old photos, we stumbled upon it. It just seemed fitting to us – simple yet recognizable.


Thrifty Kids sound has rested in my ears in my heart. I could only describe them as a refreshing sound in this over-talented city. They are truly the latest evolution in what Ottawa has to offer.  Thrifty Kids latest release “Granola” came out alongside a video. This Thursday you can check out Thrifty Kids live at Cafe Dekcuf. They will be playing alongside Montreal indie/pop/folk rockers Motel Raphaël and Sarah Bradley of Ottawa’s FEVERS.

Event Details

Thursday, Dec. 4

Cafe Dekcuf (221 Rideau St – above Mavericks)

Doors are at 8pm

10$ for advance tickets. 19+

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