The Gallop’s Tall Tale Tellers Release @ Rainbow Bistro

The Gallop

By Alec C. Mead of The Way Collective

Simple parameters, shining performers and an old blues bar filled with young souls. What else is needed? I got to speak with Dave Gervais of The Gallop about the EP, family and why music?

I love shows held at the Rainbow Bistro, The Gallop made a great choice to do their EP release there with Atherton, TheCareBearz and Stay Classy. The show started at 10 p.m. and went right through to 2 a.m. It felt like a quick experience, one that couldn’t be forgotten, or even slept off easily. That made the 10 bucks at the door feel like a bargain, even my uncle dug it — being from the 70s his standards are not easily met. Someone who saw the debut of Black Sabbath and Van Halen telling me “That was a night I needed,” was all I had to know. Good job everyone.

Throughout the night some people shined, one of the most obvious was the drummer of The Gallop, Paul Ross. Song after song he pumped out beats that had us all moving, within or without our minds. Thanks for bringing your energy to us brother! The pain you feel in your arms is the pleasure we felt in our hearts.

Another star of the show was Jordan David of TheCareBearz (formerly of The Love Machine). He and Atherton obviously go back because they have a serious bromanship, and that is what a group is all about. Jordan’s vibe was needed for Atherton to shine, Atherton was doing what he does for the right reasons, the love of it. After finishing he and DJ So Nice picked up and packed up faster than most, leaving the socializing till after. That’s what someone running a show wants with an act: professionalism.

Everyone involved did a killer job but it’s worth mentioning PJ Livadaris, who fronted Stay Classy and played guitar and sang harmonies for The Gallop. Most notable about this fair fellow is his voice. When a band has a full sound, your voice needs to cut through the vibrations like butter, a feat not often achieved, whether by mainstreamers or old folk who have been jamming for decades. Kudos on having a voice that is recognizable and sharp. I admire that greatly because the lyricism is what I feel the strongest about.

So when I got to the Rainbow, Dave Gervais was chilling so I quickly asked him about the EP Tall Tale Tellers. Dave discussed that he plays music to feel good, and to share with people, stating, “Live shows are a trip. That’s pretty much why [we do it].” He is a solid guy who sets goals in order to achieve them, he understands that’s how you get satisfaction, fulfilling your goals, which are a step to your dreams.

He clearly stated he is ready to do more shows and make some videos for the music on Tell Tale Tellers. “Preparation is the key to success,” is something he clearly manifested during the show and the performance of the EP. This is their fourth EP and he said there are more coming! I asked him why he likes doing EPs and he told me he likes things fresh and bite-sized. We discussed the song “Jump Ship” and how he feels about staying in Ottawa when his girlfriend goes out west. “I love you, just not enough,” says it powerfully, but I wanted to understand what his feelings were. “ I didn’t want to be estranged,” is something he mentions while telling me his family is the most important thing in his life. He told me he celebrates with them any time he can and he often finds himself laughing with his nieces and nephews.

“If there’s something you want people to know before they listen, it’s ‘now is the time.’” I told Dave he’s got a chance to say anything, his reply was, “We don’t give up, we keep playing music”. No bullshit, I like that. He tells me that he’s known the other two acts for over 10 years, such is the nature of music in Ottawa.