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Hey. Guess what? We’re making a friggin MOVIE! Yeah that’s right. We don’t just write about music, we can film stuff too. It may not be up to Steven Spielberg’s standards, but we had a blast filming footage for the documentary during Pouzza Fest 2015 in Montreal last month.

The concept is very simple – we followed around 8 Ottawa bands playing the festival and filmed live performances, interviews, and general hangouts while there. Pouzza Fest is a special kind of festival, where general disregard for one’s health and wellbeing is commonplace and accepted as normal. It is also named after the soon-to-be famous cuisine “pouzza,” which is when one shovels poutine on a pizza and then eats it. So without further ado, please enjoy the trailer we made for it! Expect to see the full documentary later this month, as we’ll be having a screening somewhere around town and post it online as well.