CityFolk Day 4: Of Monsters of Men, Evening Hymns, Will Butler and Marvest shows


Saturday, Day 4 of CityFolk was wild and jam-packed with shows all over. Of the numerous acts playing around the area, I caught Of Monsters of Men, Evening Hymns and Will Butler at CityFolk and Lost to the River, Steamers, Jon Becker and the North Fields, and Jack Pine and the Fire thanks to Marvest.

After a very busy Friday, I was back at it Saturday and ready to go. The day started off with Will Butler, member of Arcade Fire and brother of Win Butler. His solo project is quite different from Arcade Fire, but every once in a while you can hear a little Win in his voice. The electro-pop sounds were very welcomed on a nice sunny afternoon. Opening with possibly my favourite track “You Must be Kidding,” the fun dancy electro moments with female backing vocals sometimes teleported me to watching Handsome Furs live. It was a very entertaining set by a group I hadn’t given enough time to yet. I will fix that.

I had to cut the Will Butler set short because Evening Hymns were beginning at the Raven Law stage. Riding high off the release of their brand new album Quiet Energies just one day prior, Evening Hymns played an absolutely beautiful set. Evening Hymns is the creative adventure of Jonas Bonnetta, and featured talented local musicians John Hynes and Pat Johnson.

They opened with the first song on the new album, “If I Were a Portal” which included a sweet bongo solo by Hynes. Bonnetta wanted to let Ottawa know just how special we are to him. “This is our CD release of sorts,” he said. “We came here before Toronto just so you know,” he added with smirk. The band played more songs off the new album as Bonnetta told stories about the album and specific songs throughout the set. The song that really struck a chord was “Rescue Team.” Bonnetta introduced the song saying that they were about to slow things down, and with such a beautiful and moving song he can slow it down anytime.

As the sun gave way to clouds that kept getting darker and Evening Hymns finishing up, I made my way to The Sheepdogs. Well, for a little bit. I tried to get into it and understand what the huge crowd toughing out the rain were into, but alas I could not. I decided instead to go check out locals Lost to the River instead. Sitting down with friends, sipping on local craft beers and watching the band for the first time since taking on their new sound and new name (formerly Miss Polygamy) was quite nice.

The five piece is led by a charismatic Sean Tansey on guitar and vocals. The band featured some great musicianship with excellent banjo, violin and pedal steel guitar which is always a treat. This was also an album release of sort as the band launched it self-titled six song EP. Great to hear live versions of “Bloody Mouth” and “Eternal Space Trip.”

It was now time for one of the biggest headliners of the festival, Iceland’s best known export since Bjork, Of Monsters of Men. The band was very excited to be playing Ottawa for the first time since forming in 2010. Lead singer and guitarist, Nanna BryndĂ­s HilmarsdĂłttir, made sure we knew. “We are so happy to be in Ottawa and we are not going to let a few drops of rain take us down.” They wasted no time playing big hits like “Mountain Sounds,” “King And Lionheart” and “Crystals” in the first half of the set much to the joy of the thousands in attendance. Don’t worry, “Little Talks” made an appearance later. The band played a great set  and made everyone it ever rained.

It was now time for me to leave CityFolk and go immerse myself in Marvest. First stop – The Unrefined Olive. Yes, that’s right, an olive oil and balsamic tasting bar where one of our local favourites Steamers was playing. The band was dressed to the nines as many of the six-piece had been to Jon Creeden’s wedding earlier that day. Something about them all decked out and the fact that we were surrounded by fancy olive oils and vinaigrettes really added to the moment. Steamers were on point as always opening with “Years,” and getting the crowd really into it with “Head North” and “Stay Here to Bleed.”

Just as quickly as my time with the Steamers began, it ended as I headed over to Original Burger Joint for Jonathan Becker & The North Fields and Jack Pine & The Fire. We were packed in pretty tight for some great folk, delicious burgers, and crisp local craft beers to end the night. Jonathan Beck & the North Fields also very well dressed, and were very well received by a crowd of people mostly hearing them for the first time. You can’t talk about Becker and not comment on the awesome rasp to his singing voice. He has surrounded that voice and guitar playing with other very good musicians. It was a great set as per usual.

Finishing off the night was Jack Pine & the Fire. The band was playing as a three-piece on this night, featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar and a double base. They kicked things off with one of my favourite tracks of their’s “Lost in New Orleans.” A great track to set the tone for their performance. The folk and alt-country band were all smiles and thanked the crowd. “This is great, one of the best crowds in a long time.” They also had great news that a new album, the first since 2011, is being released September 25th at St. Albans Church.