Marvest 2017 Schedule & Sampler


For a few years now, CityFolk has included an offshoot “mini festival” of sorts called Marvest. We’ve been lucky enough to help get the initiative off the ground and collaborate with the festival, as well as some kick ass local bands, in presenting Marvest shows over the past few years. This year, festival organizers have done a great job at stacking Marvest lineups to the brim with talent, and the Glebe is going to be overrun with the sounds of some of Ottawa’s finest musicians (whether they like it or not).

We’ve compiled some samples of all the local artists on board for Marvest this year, and included their venues and scheduled set times. We strongly encourage you to go explore the local component of CityFolk this year!

Marvest Schedule & Sampler

Friday, September 15

4:30 pm

Beyond Spain @ BMO at Lansdowne (listen here)

6:00 pm

Jessica Wedden @ The Papery  (watch here)

7:00 pm

Étoile Noire @ The Papery (listen here)

7:15 pm

Jessica Wedden @ Whole Foods Market (watch here)

8:15 pm

Étoile Noire @ Whole Foods Market (listen here)

9:00 pm

The Artichoke Hearts @ FarmTeam Cookhouse

Okies Arrow & Loon Pub

9:30 pm

Swim Team @ Clocktower Brew Pub Glebe

Area Resident @ Irene’s Pub

KAIJA @ The Unrefined Olive

Thrust @ Industria Pizzeria + Bar


10:00 pm

The Pie Plates @ FarmTeam Cookhouse (listen here)

Scary Bear Soundtrack @ Arrow & Loon Pub

10:30 pm

Aviation Clocktower @ Brew Pub Glebe

The Chocolate Hot Pockets @ Industria Pizzeria + Bar (listen here)

John Fuoco Band @ Irene’s Pub (listen here)

Training Season @ The Unrefined Olive (watch here)


11:00 pm

Graven @ FarmTeam Cookhouse

Fire Antlers @ Arrow & Loon Pub

11:30 pm

Slimmoore and The NewSoulProject @ Industria Pizzeria + Bar (listen here)

Silver Creek @ Irene’s Pub

Weird With Cats @ Clocktower Brew Pub Glebe


Saturday, September 16

1:00 pm

Jaycee Lauren @ Irene’s Pub (listen here)

Templeton Grey @ Metro Music

Kimberly Sunstrum @ BMO at Lansdowne

Mia Kelly @ Arrow & Loon Pub (watch here)


1:15 pm

Grace Marr @ Pure Gelato (watch here)


1:30 pm

Rory Taillon @ Lindt Chocolate Shop

Sarah Scriver @ Capital Barber Shop (watch here)


1:45 pm

Vicki Brittle @ Fifth + Bank

Tariq Anwar @ Kunstadt Sports

2:00 pm

Bruce Enloe @ FarmTeam Cookhouse

Jad @ Aroma Espresso Bar

Steph La Rochelle @ Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s (watch here)


2:15 pm

Mia Kelly @ Pure Gelato

Rory Taillon @ Craft Beer Market

Sarah Scriver @ Metro Music


2:30 pm

Liam Lloyd @ Lindt Chocolate Shop (watch here)

Grace Marr @ Arrow & Loon Pub

Templeton Grey @ Capital Barber Shop


2:45 pm

Vicki Brittle @ Mrs. Tiggy Winkle’s

Méabh @ BMO at Lansdowne 3:00 pm

Tariq Anwar @ FarmTeam Cookhouse

Jad @ Irene’s Pub

Jaycee Lauren @ Aroma Espresso Bar


3:15 pm

Liam Lloyd @ Craft Beer Market

Steph La Rochelle @ Fifth + Bank


3:30 pm

Bruce Enloe @ Kunstadt Sports

4:00 pm

Mister & His Sister @ The Papery (watch here)


4:30 pm

Kimberly Sunstrum @ Industria Pizzeria + Bar


5:00 pm

Bryan Snider @ The Papery (watch here)


5:30 pm

Méabh @ Industria Pizzeria + Bar


6:15 pm

Mister & His Sister @ Whole Foods Market


7:15 pm

Bryan Snider @ Whole Foods Market


9:00 pm

Ghostly Hounds @ Pints & Quarts

Potential Red @ Clocktower Brew Pub Glebe

9:30 pm

Morris Ogbowu @ The Unrefined Olive

10:00 pm

Expanda Fuzz @ Clocktower Brew Pub Glebe

Gentlemen of the Woods @ Pints & Quarts (listen here)


10:30 pm

RUM FIT MOSEY @ FarmTeam Cookhouse (listen here)

Sounds of Stories @ Arrow & Loon Pub

theroyalbrushoff @ Irene’s Pub

RBLx @ The Unrefined Olive

The Leaning Lights @ Industria Pizzeria + Bar


11:00 pm

The Heavy Medicine Band @ Clocktower Brew Pub Glebe

The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band @ Pints & Quarts

11:30 pm

The Occasional Angels @ Industria Pizzeria + Bar

Sons of Pluto @ Arrow & Loon Pub

JK3 @ Irene’s Pub

Shadowhand @ FarmTeam Cookhouse