The Valveenus unleash Catalyst at Mavericks


Ottawa punk rockers, The Valveenus, released their new album Catalyst in style Friday, August 21 at Mavericks.

The local four-piece with strong skate punk tendencies and folk undertones played a great set chalked full of new songs but didn’t forget their older stuff that got them where they are now. The band has existed for nearly 12 years, so it is always great when they dig deep and play stuff like “Misery” off their first release. As well as playing the always popular rocking cover of “Maggie May.” But as mentioned this was the album release and time to move forward. The new music is great especially the first single off Catalyst, “Behind the Lies.”

The Valveenus rocking Mavericks during their album release show in Ottawa, ON.
The Valveenus rocking Mavericks during their album release show in Ottawa, ON.

Oh, and there may have been a few drinks had during the set. Who am I kidding – the alcohol was flowing like a brewery in there on this night. People brought up beers and shots at the bands request, yours truly included. There is something special about having a shot with Matt Racha, anyone who knows him understands. As closing time approached, the band said “fuck leaving before the encore, we aren’t Paul McCartney.” As they prepared to play their last few songs, the bartender rushed the stage with bottle and shot glasses in hand. He then poured each one of them a shot so they could power through to the end. Quite a nice gesture, as it made it feel like The Valveenus are part of the Mavericks family. The boys closed out with the song “After All,” and by then it was a new day.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming performances in a town near and snag a copy of Catalyst when you do. Check out the first single “Behind the Lies” below: