Gallery: Montebello Rockfest 2017


The twelfth edition of Montebello Rockfest had everything you’d expect—long lines to get in, circle pits, sunburns, and a lot of really loud music. Even more, the weather played games with attendees throughout. They were pelted with rain bullets, and also roasted by sweltering heat like one giant sweaty cookout. But the main attraction of the festival—the music, of course—was nothing short of spectacular. The lineup was all killer and no filler, delivering incredible, ear-busting performances from the likes of Alexisonfire, Wu-Tang Clan, Rammstein, Queens of the Stone Age, and induced some serious nostalgia trips with legends such as Iggy Pop, The Specials, and Bad Religion.

We had our Showbox delegation endure the blood, sweat, and tears (of joy) involved with attending Rockfest, and our photographers Els Durnford and Landon Entwistle went all-out, have a look at their shots below.


Gallery: Montebello Rockfest

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