Interview: Vancouver’s Needles//Pins


On a sunny day in June during Ottawa Explosion Weekend, I caught up with Vancouver self-proclaimed powertrash band Needles//Pins. Their new album Good Night, Tomorrow was released in July of this year, and signaled a shift in the band’s sound and production. It’s more polished, and more grandiose than anything they’ve done in the past. But the grittiness quality of songwriting is still there, and fans old and new will fall right into this record.

They’re set to play House of TARG on Friday, August 25th along with Steve Adamyk Band, Audio Visceral, and NECK. Check out this candid interview with the trio, where they talk about the new album, Ottawa roots, and throw themselves under the bus.

Interview with Needles//Pins


You guys have played Ottawa Explosion Weekend before and stopped in Ottawa many times on tour. What’s your relationship to the city?

Adam Ess: Tony and I grew up in the Ottawa Valley, so we grew up about 45 minutes outside of Ottawa. So we started coming to the city in our teens to see shows, and I was in bands since I was fifteen years old playing places like Club SAW. I’ve known OXW organizers Emmanuel (Sayer) and Luke (Martin) for fifteen years or so as a result. I know Emmanuel from when he used to live in Windsor, we played with his old band called Searching for Chin. Then he moved to Ottawa and joined Buried Inside and others.

I guess the first time we played here as a band was the first ever Ottawa Explosion, it was our first cross-Canada tour. We’ve played every year since except last year, that was the only one so far that we haven’t played.

Do you get to spend much time in Ottawa when you’re here?

Tony X: It’s pretty much in and out. Usually it’s between Toronto and Montreal so we don’t have much time to take the extra night in Ottawa, we can’t lose that prime night of playing in other cities. I kind of wish we could just be here all weekend to be honest.

Needles//Pins played with The Smugglers at OXW for the Mint Records Showcase. How did that come about?

Adam: I think one of the impetuses for doing the Smuggs thing is because of Grant Lawrence’s book. It’s all part of the presentation of the book, and with the Mint Records connection we played the Vancouver show and it kind of took off from there.

Tony: Mint probably leaned on them a bit for us to play the show, I don’t think The Smugglers were begging us to play with them haha.

Your new record Good Night, Tomorrow is a bit of a different direction for the band. What is it that you are most excited for the bands to hear?

Adam: The general sound of the record, I think. It’s just such a huge sound, and that’s what we wanted out of it.

Tony: Just like you said, people are noticing it’s different and in a positive way and that’s really great.

Adam: And for us there’s no worry about that, I mean if you liked the band before then you’re going to like the band now. It’s hands-down way better, there’s no doubt about that. They’re the best songs we’ve ever written, the production is so much better, just everything. We took almost a year and a half to write and record the album, we took our time on it and wrote it in chunks, and recording as we went.

Tony: At some point we were recording and thinking, “oh good, it’s only been a year,” and then our producer Jesse told us we started in June… we were like, “oh, fuck…”

If I remember correctly, the last time you guys played Ottawa Explosion before this year there was something that literally exploded on stage.

Macey Bee: Oh shit, I forgot about that.

Tony: Yeah an amp! That was two years ago!

Macey: I think I was also on fire.

Tony: I just remember Adam was out of tune and he blamed me for it, but it actually was him. I just want to clear that up. He blamed me, but it was him. IT WAS NOT TONY, for the record. I don’t know about the amp though.

Adam: Ok then, since we’re going on the record, I am the one that coined the nickname “12 Grain” for Macey.

Tony: Oh I guess we’re recording everything now, airing the grievances. What is this, Festivus?

Have you had any other disasters happen while on tour?

Macey: I think touring with these two is a fucking disaster in general (laughs). I mean I’ve been doing it for a while now and I guess I’ll just have to keep doing it until I die.

Adam: Or until one of us dies, at least. There haven’t been any major disasters though, really. Knock on wood!

Tony: We’ve played shitty so many times, though. The worst show we ever played was in LA, and I’ll go on the record by saying it was all my fault.

Matias: You’re really throwing yourself under the bus here.

Macey: I was going to say that I played really well that night. You fucking blew it man.

Adam: That was a doozy.

Tony: I just didn’t play the right notes. There might have been some technical issues, I don’t know.

Macey: Yeah, technically your fingers didn’t hit the right notes on the bass.